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The American Death Ceremony

The American Death Ceremony

Dr. Jimmy Steger


The American death ceremony started as a ritual back in the days of witchcraft. The last few years it has been developed into a science. It usually takes from fifteen to twenty years. However, modern scientific advancements are shortening this period of time.

It starts with one simple pain relieving aspirin for a simple headache or backache. When one aspirin will no longer mask the pain, then you decide to take two. After a few months, when two aspirin will no longer mask the pain in the head or the back, you take a stronger compound. By this time it becomes necessary to take something for the ulcers in your stomach that have been caused by the aspirin. Now we have two medicines in our body, and you have a great start.

After a few months, these medications are starting to disrupt your liver function. If a good infection develops, you now take some penicillin. Of course, penicillin will damage your red blood corpuscles and spleen so that you develop anemia. Another medication is then taken to cover up the anemia. By the time all of these medications put such a strain on your kidneys they should break down.

It’s now time to introduce some antibiotics into the system. When these destroy your natural resistance to disease, you can expect a general flair-up of all your symptoms. Then next important step is to cover up all of these symptoms with some good sulfur based drugs. When the kidneys finally plug up you can have them drained. Some poison will build up in your system, but you can keep going quite a while this way.

By now the medications in your body will be so confused they won’t know what they are supposed to be doing, but it really doesn’t matter. If you have followed every step as directed by your family physician, you can know make an appointment with your undertaker.

This game is played by practically all Americans in this country, except for the few ignorant souls who follow nature’s way.

Drugs only mask the symptoms allowing the body at best, time to heal itself. We must give our body the tools that are necessary to rebuild and regenerate healthy cells. These are minerals such as copper, calcium, magnesium, iodine, manganese, zinc, potassium, cobalt, sodium, selenium, and chromium. Without these elemental minerals in the body, you will not make it to see sixty or seventy years of age. These minerals taken on a daily basis through our diets and through additional supplementation, will allow our bodies to rebuild their own internal bio-magnetic energy form. We are then capable of pulling out of our food source those additional minerals our bodies deem necessary for proper health.


Until next time, stay healthy!

Dr. Jimmy Steger