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Welcome to the Official Site of Lifeguard TV with Dr. Jimmy Steger.  We want you to be Healthy, Fit and N- Shape always.  Being in the Health, Fitness and Martial Arts business my entire life has given me a platform to help people get N-Shape and be healthy.  I have always had a genuine passion for truly helping people get healthy, fit and in shape.  There is absolutely no one in the world that wants you be well more than me.  I eat, sleep and breathe this lifestyle every single day of my life so if your like most people who has or had health problems in the past, your in the right place,  Lifeguard TV just may save you or your loved one !

Lifeguard TV  Is a TV Show designed to help educate you on the human body using Natural Medicine and a Healthy Lifestyle which is what we have been doing for over 40 years.  This is all we do and what we are truly dedicated to is making you the very best you can be all the way around.  This is not a part time job or fad for us, we live it every day and want you to look and feel great always.  Go to www.drsteger.net and www.martialmuscle.net to learn more about J.S. Training Systems Inc and Dr. Jimmy Steger's Wholistic Health Care Clinic.

Lifeguard Nutrition - A complete Nutritional Product line that can help you with all your health care needs, Naturally !  This is not just any supplement company, this is a step above most because we provide all our patients and clients with a Grade A product, not grade b or c.  Yes there is a huge difference when dealing with a company that sells lower grade products.  We produce and sell the very best.   We want you to be healthy and fit everyday of your life, not just most of the time but all the time.  This is the way it's supposed to be so why not be your best. When you choose the Lifeguard brand, you have a product line that has a Naturopath and Nutritionist that has totally dedicated his entire life of 40 + years in the study of natural health care and the human body, so we truly know what works and what doesn't. 

Lifeguard Survival Gear -  These  two products I personally designed and patented for all people with all types of outdoor lifestyles.  These products can help you in the woods or on the streets in almost any type of situation your faced with.  Being a professional hunter and guide,  I have been in situations where these products would have helped me and some of my clients tremendously.  After years of design and work making these the very best,  I finally unveiled my two products in January 2016, The Lifeguard Survival Strap and Survival Staff.  We also have the new Lifeguard Survival Ointment which is must for every one to carry with them everywhere you go. This product will help you with any type of cut, scrape, bump, bruise or rash you may have anywhere, anytime. Just rub it on and watch it start to heal, Naturally !